Our prologue covers our time prior to July 2nd, 2018. Moving to live a nomadic lifestyle has been something we have worked on and off for over 10 years. While it would have been great to have been living a nomadic lifestyle sooner, our lives have unfolded as they should for our family.

The Prologue of our story includes the events leading up to and including the acquisition of a travel trailer.  Our first experience with an RV was a Class C we rented for less than a week several years ago for an anniversary.  We enjoyed the experience and decided we wanted to move forward with a nomadic lifestyle.  We acquired a travel trailer for about a year to develop nomadic skills from camping, managing resources, maintenance, and repairs.

The prologue chapter covers our thoughts and actions leading up to the start of chapter 1. Through the prologue, you will see how a number of factors that have aligned for us and many others to be nomads. These factors include technology, communities, and information.

This section provides a list of posts associated with prior to the start of Our Nomadic Story and this website.