Chapter 1 – Tyro

We moved from the prologue to Chapter 1 on July 2nd, 2018 with the purchase of a 2018 Holiday Rambler Navigator XE 35E. This event moved us from learning in our travel trailer to starting our nomad story.

You might be wondering why we call chapter 1, Tyro. If you do not know, Tyro means “a beginner or novice”. When we were looking at used RV to start chapter 1, Neva thought it would be a good name for our first RV we would use for our nomadic journey. We thought to get a used RV use it for some period of time and then get our longer term RV. Well through a serious fo serendipitous events we ended up with a new RV that we plan to use for the foreseeable future. While we would be a novice for a while, we thought our RV would outlive the beginner phase. When we settled on the concept of sharing our story lin chapters, Tyro made perfect snese for the name of chapter 1.