Your RV and Hurricane Season

Photo of a hurricane by NASA

Hurricane season is from June 1st through November 30th. In the coastal states of the eastern portion of the USA, hurricanes represent a significant danger for RVs. Hurricanes can hit almost anywhere from Texas to Massachusetts. Look at the hurricane tracks for over the last 150 years.

NOAA Historical Tracks – 150 Years+

As you can see hurricanes can strike anywhere. It might make sense to look at a shorter period of time like the last 20 years.

NOAA Historical Tracks – Last 20 Years

Over the last 20 years, hurricanes have impacted all of the states from Texas to Massachusetts. Having grown up and lived most of my life in Florida has seen many of these hurricanes. For example, Hurricane Katrina crossed Florida before strengthening and making landfall near New Orleans. Even the hurricane tracks for the last 10 years show that you need to be prepared anywhere in the coastal states.

NOAA Historical Tracks – Last 10 Years

If you have an RV and live or travel to the coastal states during hurricane season, you need to be prepared. We published a video on how you can be prepared with your RV during hurricane season. We provide 12 tips/recommendation and a bonus item related to RV hurricane preparation. The video discusses the recommendations in the context you will leave with your RV.

RV Preparation for Hurricane Season

We hope you are prepared for hurricane season and stay safe. Let us know if you think of other tips/recommendations for preparing for a hurricane with an RV.

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