Berkey Water Filter Series

We have published the first video in our Berkey Water Filter Series. We decided to create the series because of how much we have used and like the Berkey Water Filter system for around the last four years. At the cost of less than $0.05 per gallon to filter almost any water source, it is a great addition to our lifestyle.

Initially, six videos are planned to cover all the key topics associated with the Berkey Water Filter System. The following videos will be released over the next several weeks.

  • Overview of the most common Berkey Water Filters for RV’s
  • How to clean the Berkey
  • Howto install Balck Berkey Water Filters
  • How to Prime Black Berkey Water Filters
  • How to Install Berkey Fluoride & Arsenic Filters (PF-2)
  • How to Prime Berkey Fluoride & Arsenic Filters

The initial video shares the two most common models of the Berkey Water Filter system for RV’s . We discuss the Big Berkey and the Travel Berkey. We discuss our experience with the Big Berkey.

The following is our first video of the series.

RV Drinking Water – Berkey Water Filter

The video provides important information about the Berkey Water Filters including a comparison of key statistics for the Big and Travel Berkeley.

If you are interested in seeing more information about the Big Berkey, Travel Berkey, and the filters you find it at

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