Publishing YouTube Videos

We started publishing regular content on YouTube on May 17th, 2020. We have started publishing content to support people who want to live intentionally by sharing our nomadic lifestyle. We want to support a community of people who want to live intentionally and those that are interested or living an RV Lifestyle. We want to support a community that is interested in RV Living anywhere from a dreamer to a full-timer.

Our channel is Our Nomadic Story on YouTube. The content we plan to publish on videos on YouTube about our adventures, experiences, and reviews. A weekly show that is a video podcast is also planned. The video podcast will be a longer format dedicated to a topic.

Our first video is about how we created our brand name, Our Nomadic Story. Our first video is below.

Our first published video – May 17, 2020

We hope you find our content on YouTube informative, entertaining, or both. You can help us by leaving comments on our website or in our videos of what additional questions you have or content you would like to be made.

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