How to Hide YouTube Users

When a user becomes toxic or disruptive to your community you can hide a users interaction with your videos. This means that while the hidden user can continue to post comments and likes/dislikes, nobody except that user can see the interaction. YouTube provides to hide and unhide a user’s interactions. For the purpose of this post, the hiding of the user is covered.

You can hide a user’s comments from the channel two ways. This can be done from the comments in a video or from the comments section of YouTube Studio. Both methods are similar in you find a comment of a user you want to hide, use the action menu for the comment and select hide. The examples for this post are when using the comments from a video.

Two Simple Steps

Hiding a user only takes two steps once you find one of their comments. This post demonstrates how to hide a user using a web browser. There is a different process with the YouTube application.

Step 1 – Activate the menu

Go to one of your videos that includes a comment for a user you want to hide. Once you find the comment, move the cursor to the right and you will see the menu button. The menu button is represented as three vertical dots. Click on the menu button to activate the menu.

Step 2 – Hide User

Once the menu displays, you can select the hide user from the channel. Once you select the option, the user’s interactions are hidden from the channel.


Your community is important and the health of the interactions needs to be monitored and when issues arise addressed. If a user resolves the issues that lead to hiding their interactions, you can restore their ability to interact by taking off the hiding list. While hiding a user is the least disruptive for one of your viewers, you can block a user from all interaction with your channel using the Block User capability.

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