Pay at the Pump Option for Diesel Truck Lanes

One of the challenges with driving a diesel vehicle regardless if it is a tow vehicle or motorhome, it is getting fuel at a location that has good fuel, space to maneuver to get fuel, and services you desire when you stop.

Truck stops with trucker lanes for diesel sometimes called diesel islands, have worked well for us when we fuel our Class A Diesel Pusher RV.  We like the trucker lanes because of the fuel usually being in better shape, fuel pumps faster, easier to navigate than the pumping areas for cars, and usually easy access to DEF.  We use the popular truck stops so that they are high traffic by truckers and this usually will result in the better condition of fuel.

One of the challenges is you cannot pay at the pump at the trucker lanes.   You usually have to park at the pump, go inside and place an amount on a credit/debit card, go back pump, move the RV, go inside and complete the transaction and get your receipt.  Some people do not like this process.  While the following solution does not solve the problem everywhere and for everyone

I have found that Pilot/Flying J has a method where I can pay at the pump and not worry about being cut off after a certain limit.  Pilot/Flying J offer a service that is in conjunction with Good Sams to allow you to pay at the pump through a service that provides direct billing to your bank account.  This service will allow you to pay the balance via your bank account or allow them to auto-draw 15 days after you are invoiced.  The difference is the amount of credit they will provide you in a month.  $1,000 if you make the payments from your bank account and $2,500 if you permit auto-drafting from your account.  Since it is paid each month from your bank account, there is no interested payment.

  • $.10 off each gallon of bulk propane at Pilot FlyingJ
  • ½ off RV dumping fee at Pilot Flying J.
  • Exclusive coupons and special deals from Pilot Flying J.
  • Discounts of at least $.05 off every gallon of gas and $.08 off every gallon of diesel in the United States.Discounts of at least $.01 off every liter of gas and $.01 off every liter of diesel in Canada.

The process takes about a month and can be used at over 550 Pilot/Flying J.  The card can be used at many of the locations for items and services inside the store.  The availability to us the card is based on if the location is corporate owned or if via an agent.

This should not be viewed as an endorsement and the link below is directly from the Internet.

I think this service will make fueling a little easier at a Pilot/Flying J and save a little extra money.  For our trip to NomadFEST 2018, it could have saved us $16 or more.  You can also use the service for gas and also at the car pumps.  

We have been approved and should receive our cards in the next four weeks.  I will provide an update of my experience once I have used the service for a while.

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