Mona’s Firehouse Cocina

During NomadFest if you consider eating at a local restaurant, I recommend Mona’s Firehouse Cocina.  Keep in mind the impact of NomadFEST temporarily increasing the population of the town by over 20%.  You can consider eating in or picking up.  Breakfast starts at 6 AM if you are looking for an early morning meal and coffee.  I look forward to adding Mona’s Firehouse Cocina to Our Nomadic Story during NomadFEST.

Mona’s is a place you should consider if you want to experience a local restaurant in Wellington.  If you like to give back to the communities you visit, Mona’s Firehouse Cocina is a place you should visit.  Mona’s is not very far from the fairgrounds and not a long walk.  Mona’s is a very special place for me because it is where I was able to have dinner with a number of the RV Nomads in June.  Mona’s was able to accommodate about 18 for our get together.

Based on being impressed with the food and service of the restaurant during the dinner with the RV Nomads, I went back for lunch the next day.  I arrived at Mona’s after lunchtime.  This turned out to permit me to meet Mona and to talk to her for a couple of minutes.  I learned through talking to Mona that when the economy of Wellington was contracting, she decided to make an investment in the current location.  Based on her inspiration, others have made investments in Wellington.

From the Facebook page, the above picture is from early 2017.  The picture below was updated in March of this year on Facebook.

She also shared with me the appreciation to the RV Nomads cast and crew for the positive impact it had on her business.  The economic impact of the production of the RV Nomad movies was felt through the town.  NomadFEST should have a noticeable impact on the town.

The seating includes several fixed booths and a number of tables and chairs that can be moved around to accommodate different party sizes.

The menu includes a combination of Mexican inspired dishes with some traditional Americana.  The menu can support a wide variety of dietary considerations including vegetarian.  Mona’s services breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

I had a Mexican dish for dinner and then a hamburger for lunch.  The quality of the food is good and it is at a reasonable price.

Mona’s is located on 8th Street.  The view of the picture is from the direction of the center of town.   Drive-thru service and pick-up are available.

Address: 1502 8th St Wellington, TX 79095

Phone: 806-205-0977

Hours: Open 6AM-8PM Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday  They have extended ours for various events.  You should call and check.

Facebook: Monas-Firehouse-Cocina

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