Why tell our story?

In the last several years we have been looking into living a nomadic life.  Through many RV contributors that use various social media channels, we decided that recording our story would benefit us, share our story with family and friends, and might be helpful to others.  Setting up Our Nomadic Story is the start of us sharing our story.  While the start of a full-time nomadic lifestyle could be 1 to 2 years away, we will share our story to now and going forward.  The process of sharing our story will be a learning process for us.

We will use blogs as one of the methods of sharing our story and also provide other information organized by category.  We hope the process of sharing our story is collaborative with those that are involved in our story.  Your comments and feedback from the various social media sources we will use will contribute to our story.

On March 16, 2018, we start sharing our story.  Please join us on our journey.

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