Repairs – It starts before we get going

Maintenance, repairs, and upgrades are part of the natural order of having an RV.  In 2017 we had reached a crossroads in our lives related to where we were living.  We were going to move into a smaller space and there was a need for me to have a separate office space.  The solution revealed itself when my parents let us know that they had decided to move on from the travel trailer.  Since we have never been constrained by conventional thinking, we thought we could resolve two items with one solution.  The travel trailer would provide us an RV to learn from as we progress to a fulltime RV lifestyle and it could be used for my office.  As mentioned in our post Why tell our story, I am a remote worker for an IT company that involves many calls.

When we let my parents know that we were interested in the trailer, they were very happy that the travel trailer that had provided them with many experiences and memories would be going to someone that would get pleasure and use form the travel trailer.  Based on all of our schedules, we set a date in July to pick up the trailer.  This is where the first repair occurs before we pick up the trailer.

The travel trailer had been sitting on the side of the house for a prolonged period.  As a result, the tires had become not safe to get the RV back to our house.  The trip back home would be about 500 miles.  We were not sure how we would make the first repairs.  We envisioned needing to jack the trailer up, remove two tires, have the tires replaced, and them repeat on the other side.  We would need to coordinate where to get the tires installed and to make sure the axels were ready after sitting for a while.  What could possibly go wrong since we have had no experience with travel trailers and repairs on a travel trailer?   We saw a reference for a mobile RV repair service through our research and we looked for one near my parents’ house.  This turned out to be a fantastic decision for us.  While the service cost more than if we tried to do it ourselves, it was done in a shorter timeframe and did not result in damage to the RV.  The service was completed while we were driving to my parents.  Once we arrived the Mobile RV Repairman walked us through the replacement of the four tires and the greasing fo the axels.  He took time to show us how to provide maintenance with adding grease to the axels.

Our first experience with the travel trailer and getting back home will be covered in a future post.

This would be the first of several repairs and/or upgrades that would occur since we got the travel trailer.  Outside of the replacement of the four tires, most of the other repairs were easy enough to do ourselves.  The trailer is over 10 years old and some of the repairs are associated with age and wear on parts.

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